Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ATZ Beginning Story Pt.1

Waking up in the morning with the sun beating down on my face. I slowly pry my eyes open to begin my day, only to realize that the sun through the window has cause one hell of a headache. I stumble my way to the bathroom to get some aspirin and wash up, so I don't smell of last night's drinking binge. I think to myself after I take the aspirin that the headache might be from the drinking. I get a quick bite to eat and then head off to my oh so exciting job!!!

 Transit to work was fun as always, not! Same boring ass people with the smell of poverty, and desperation. Now that I'm at work I can wait till the day is over.
With my head on my desk I hear the voice of familiarity, asking me, "Wow, now that was one hell of a night! {chuckling} So you going to the shooting range this weekend still?" Lifting my ten ton head off the desk I respond with a simple head nod. Dude, I got a shit load of work to get done and I'm so hungover!!! Hey maybe we need a early lunch today so I can focus on this work so I'm not late picking up Lisa. After a session of eating and coffee, my body starts to function like a normal human being. After a very hard day of work I'm off to meet up with the girl friend and take the transit home.

 Thank god Lisa only works down the street from me, don't think the body would let me go if it was any further. Ahh at home finally, time to relax and eat some food. Now my belly is full as well as my mind from work, and t.v., I pass out on the couch.

 I awaken in the middle of the night to some horrible blood curdling screams and cry's from the apartment below.  I get my phone and run to the bedroom and grab my gun. Lisa tells me, "Maybe we should just call the police and have them deal with it, I don't like the sound of those screams!" I tell her, "I'm just going to check it out and see if I can help. So stay here and lock the doors, I'll be safe." I lean over and give her a kiss as I walk into the elevator. The door opens to a bunch of blood on the walls, floor and ceiling! I slow approach the door and call out, "Anyone in there? Do you need any help?" With gun drawn I slow turn the handle of the door and....................

 Now the journey begins in ATZ!!!!!!!

--Stay tuned for the first battle report and the outcome of Day 1--


  1. Hello, just found your blog, the pictures of the terrain look really great, I actually like how dark they are, in a way!

    And great start for a campaign, looks like mini you had a rough night the night before and he's up for even worse!

  2. WoooooT!!! :D

    Good luck for your campaign!! :D